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Social Media Marketing Course

*Featured Course This 8 week course provides a general overview of how businesses and brands can successfully leverage online social platforms and make the most of their powerful word of mouth capabilities.

SAT Prep Course

*Featured Course This 12 week long program prepares students for the SAT exam and covers SAT math, English, and writing, as well as 2 practice exams in preparation for the big day.

Understanding Autism Course

*Featured Course This course introduces key concepts, data, and research about the epidemic, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is appropriate for any individual who wants to learn more about autism and how to treat it.

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Dr. Berman talks about her “Understanding Autism” course

Understanding Autism Demo

Combine self-paced online courses with live Q & A sessions via webinar with our experts


Elementary Education Courses

Elementary Education

Special Education Training for Caregivers

Our experts work with teachers, nurses and parents to provide tools and training for successfully working with individuals with Autism and related disorders

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Higher Education Prep & Education Consulting

Secondary Education

High School Courses Online

We give students tools and resources to prepare for college admissions and tests through online courses and live webinars. Now including O-Level courses!

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College Prep Courses

University Preparation

College Prep Courses

Get ready for college with these online courses to give you the knowledge you need to pass the university entrance exams.

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Continued Education Online Courses

Continued Education

Online Training Post-Education

Odyssia understands how important it is to get ahead in the world today, which is why we offer online courses for continued education and corporate training. We want to help you succeed.

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